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Full Registration #202401

Full Registration

Item#: 202401

Price: $80.00

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Full Registration for the 2018 Annual Convention to be held in Reno, NV on Mar 1-3.

Name to be printed on badge.

SSA ID number.

Note: If you are not an SSA member enter "n/a" in the SSA ID number field.

Meals & Events, Thursday Mar 1st

Glider Aerobatic Pilots Breakfast +$25 QTY:

Instructors/Tow Pilots Breakfast +$25 QTY:

Experimental Soaring Association Lunch +$30 QTY:

Commercial Operators Lunch +$30 QTY:

Meals & Events, Friday Mar 2nd

Competition Pilots Breakfast +$25 QTY:

1-26 Association Breakfast +$25 QTY:

Focus on Clubs Lunch +$30 QTY:

Old Timers / VSA Lunch +$30 QTY:

Online Contest Lunch +$30 QTY:

OSTIV Dinner & Presentation +$50 QTY:

OSTIV Dinner & Presentation (Child 14 and under) +$25 QTY:

Meals & Events, Saturday Mar 3rd

Auxiliary Powered Sailplane Association Breakfast +$25 QTY:

Governors, Chapters & Clubs Breakfast +$25 QTY:

WSPA Breakfast +$25 QTY:

SSA Annual Awards Banquet (evening) +$55 QTY:

SSA Annual Awards Banquet - Child 14 and under (evening) +$25 QTY:

Special Events

Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic (Tue & Wed) +$150 QTY:

Soaring Safety Foundation (Wed) +$0.00 QTY:

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