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Cadet Youth Flight Scholarship #104

Cadet Youth Flight Scholarship

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Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the SSA’s Cadet Youth Flight Scholarship fund.  Funding of this award comes exclusively from donations and remembrances made of the USA soaring community.

The Cadet Scholarship is a grassroots effort to get young people acquainted with soaring. It is named after the first "utility" training glider in production, built for "air-minded youth" of the 1930s. The Cadet featured an enclosed fuselage and landing wheel, reasonable soaring performance yet rugged construction: an all-in-one beginner's glider.

Winners of scholarships and several smaller awards are selected each year from young non-pilot applicants who visit a USA gliderport and make a good case via an essay and vita for their desire to learn to fly, financial need, and promise in other aspects of life.

Promotion of the award is a cooperation between the Soaring Society of America (SSA) and local soaring Clubs and Schools, who put up posters, answer questions, and do the training: when one of their entries wins, they win.


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