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Flight Training Manual for Gliders

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Flight Training Manual for Gliders by Russell Holtz

The Flight Training Manual for Gliders is designed to be used with its companion text, the Glider Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.  These books were written specifically for the student pursuing a Private Pilot Certificate with a Glider rating, although they are also a useful aide for preparing for a Commercial or Instructor rating, or for preparing for a Biennial Flight Review.

Each chapter of the Flight Training Manual for Gliders addresses a separate stage of flight, such as takeoff, aerotow, or landing.  Each chapter is divided into lessons that cover a specific task, skill, or maneuver.

Most lessons are explained in four parts; purpose, procedure, common errors, and completion standards.  The “purpose” outlines the relevance of the task or skill.  The “procedure” describes the task or skill in detail.  The list of “common errors” points out the usual pitfalls.  The “completion standards” are the performance criterion that must be met for the lesson to be considered mastered.

In the front of this manual, you will find a list of topics titled the “Flight Training Progress Record”.  The progress record includes every lesson that a student must master.  For every topic in the progress record, there is a corresponding lesson in this manual.  Extra copies of the progress record, are available at the publishers website at www.GliderBooks.com.

In the back of the manual, you will find review questions for each section. They consist of a combination of original questions, and questions taken from the FAA Airman Knowledge Test Question bank.  An answer key is also included so that you can check your answers.

• Covers every flight maneuver required for the FAA flight test
• Follows FAA lesson plan format
• Clear, straightforward writing and illustrations
• Logical, ordered, and complete presentation of material
• 190 pages
• 97 figures
• 249 review questions
• Includes "Flight Training Progress Record"





































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